"The Physician is only nature's assistant " - GALEN(129-199 AD).

Testimonials :


With his vast experience, he has developed Homoeopathy into a modern, scientific & advanced system of treatment

- Manish Gupta Jharkhand, India

From One Year, I am taking treatment from Dr. C.B.Mehta for allergy. I got Quick relief from allergy, It's Unbelievable but true that homoeopathy works so fast....

- Amresh Choudhary, Lecturer, Law College Dhanbad

Dr Mehta's diagnosis and treatment has been very methodical. Contrary to common misconception - we don't have to avoid any particular food or change our eating habits to our discomfort ; even the doses are not cumbersome. This is perhaps the best part of his treatment.

- Rakesh Kumar Singh, Software Engineer,CCL,Hazaribagh

I am doing much better now with 80% improvement. I had severe cuts in my sole and in my palms. These cracks have healed and my skin is slowly getting normal.

- Mr.Sinha, Saraswati Appartment,Dhanbad

My Baby is 8 monts old now. Weight is 8.1 kg. He is very fussy in eating, eats small quantity in frequent intervals and sleeps for a short period of 2 to 3 hours only. Your medicines for other ailments such as constipation, fever, colic, cold etc works wonders on him.

- Pranav Prasanna,Dhanbad

Great doctor. Good staff. immediate and permanent relief.

- A Radhika,Pune

Dear sir,  I had been taking your medicine for the last 2 weeks for piles and I am feeling much better. My complete health report for piles is as follows. 1) Bleeding has stopped completely. 2) Itching in the anus region has almost gone 3) There is no difficulty in passing stool. 4) Stools have become normal 5) One small mass in the outer area of the anus is still there but it has become small. 6) Now there is no pain in the anal region while passing stool.

- B.Das ,Dhanbad

Dr My face pigmentaion is reduced by 60 percent.

- Raja,Asansol

My name is Sabina. I had taken ur medicine for infertility and Thanking you that I am expecting now. I am in my 5th month.

- Sabina Akhtar,Bihar

I had come to you all because of my acne problem and its been a lot better. Ever since I came to you about two months ago I have only had about two pimples.

- Suresh,Student,Pune

This is a great experience for me to have the remedies for healing of my left foot heel pain .Now,I am feeling much relief from the pain and taking my morning walk once again

- Rahul

From 2009 i was suffering from severe Dipression Problem, I was very much upset and i visited every where in india for treatement but i didnt get any satisfactory results, Then I met Dr. CB Mehta in 2011 for my treatement, Now I m enjoying my life...:) Dr. CB Mehta is not a Doctor but a "MIRACLE MAN"...

- Mrs. Arundhatti, India

I was suffering from Chronic Spondylitis, I took several types of medicine but no relief .Then I met Dr Mehta for treatement,Now I am completely fit and able to do every thing..:) may GOD give him strength to treate Max. no. of people like us.

- Ashish Kumar Singh,Dhanbad

From 6 to 9 months I was suffering from Gouty Arthritis & Blood Sugar today 24/11/14 , Now I am totally fit for Action..:)

- Manoj Kumar,Dhanbad

I had sever back pain since two years i had taken lots of Alopathic Medicine but no result, after that I met Dr. Mehta now I feel better....

- Vigeta Agarwal,Dhanbad

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